Saturday, December 12, 2009

Operation Holiday

Missions one and two of Operation Holiday have gone quite well. I am, of course, referring to the changes that have to be made related to The Holidays when you join another family.
Mission 1: Thanksgiving. We will do the every other year thing on this holiday. Last year, while dating, we attended both. This year we went to his family. Result Report: Total Success.
Mission 2: Christmas Tree Shopping. I am a Charlie Brown tree lover. I love the trees that are tall and slim (all the things I wish I were). Prince Charming is a full tree person. He likes them fluffy. I loath them that way. As we left home in search of the perfect tree, I seriously wondered if we would find a happy medium. Okay, I actually wondered how I was going to get my way. So at the lot we moved (quickly) past the fluffy and to My section. It was a little disappointing. The trees were sparse, very sparse. Too sparse, even for me. Do not despair, this story has a happy ending. We found a tree that *gasp* we both liked. Not too full, not too Charlie Brown. Perfect for us. Result Report: Total Success.
Plans are in place for the next major missions, including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve. Fingers crossed that they will be just as successful.
**UPDATE** Decorated tree last night. All silver and green. Not to toot my own horn, but TOOT! TOOT! It looks FAB!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cruise at Your Own Risk

I have missed you my loving blog. Have you missed me? I've been away for too long and really have no excuse... I have done the craziest things recently. For example, I visited my own blog to see if anything new had been posted. Yeah, well, we all have our moments. So even my subconscious is telling me it has been too long.
So I'm married now. Lots of good things... with a few not so great, but I'm determined not to speak poorly about the institution. Not only am I happy to be married, but I'm especially happy to be married to Prince Charming (whom I now like to call My Lover - but don't worry, I'll spare you the details).
The wedding was wonderful. People say that they don't remember or even see the things that go wrong... well, I am who I am and I did (there were a few), but I still think it was fantastic. Everyone was such a huge help. The music was fab. The decor and flowers were perfect. The guests had fun (so I've been told). Prince Charming looked all princely. And I felt great... up until the last hour that is, and then I felt sick. So sick that I had to barricade myself in the bathroom with a bridesmaid on guard. Twice. It took everything I had to dance our first dance, cut the cake, toss the bouquet, and do that garter thing with a smile on my face. Ticked me off too, I was excited about the cake. All was well in the end, we made it to the airport (that night) and were on the red-eye to Florida with no issues. Bathroom or otherwise.
Let me just tell you: Cruising is BRILLIANT! Best honeymoon ever and, hopefully, best future vacations ever. Eight blissful days sailing the ocean blue. We really had a wonderful time, though not all would say the same. There were some interesting things that took place: 1. Lady died in her cabin. We don't know the circumstances and can only assume that it was natural because it is pretty certain we would have heard if it wasn't. No seriously, the gossip vine is amazing on a cruise ship. Think about it: a lot of older people (women) confined to a single location over the course of several days. Think Relief Society on steroids. 2. Groom jailed/Bride hospitalized. There were two wedding parties on the cruise. One of the couples got into a fight. Groom beat up the bride and threw her over the balcony. She landed on a life boat, but the ship stopped just in case she went overboard. Groom was taken to jail in St. Maarten when we docked. Bride went to the hospital in serious condition. 3. Entire wedding party was kicked off ship. Left them in St. Maarten too. Yes, you can have too much fun on a cruise... if it is the obnoxious, rude, rowdy kind. I don't know if it was the party related to no. 2 or not. 4. Dangerous shore excursions. a) Zip-line anchor breaks. The couple we were sitting with at dinner had their shore excursion cancelled because of "the rain." Really the zip-line anchor pulled out of the ground. 20 people went up, 18 came down. b) Rail train derailed. Three couples at the table next to us said that the last two cars of the five car train derailed. I guess there were no injuries, they all piled into the other three cars and continued on. They did give those on the fourth and fifth car 50% off. I know this because I was at the customer service desk when someone from car four came up to the counter to have his bill adjusted.
I don't think it is usual to have so many things take place. Some might be put off by all that happened, but we had a great time. Our shore excursions were fun and interesting. The food was good. The people and staff were very nice. It was romantic. They had events going on all day. And what's not to love about a good story? We had a honeymoon to talk about for years. It was fabulous.