Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quick Notes Of Interest - Even If Only To Me

My brother is home from Iraq. Happy days!
Read THAT book (Remember That Time). I'm happy to say the author obviously took note of my disappointment and has put me at ease concerning the direction of the character's love life. I can not wait for the next book. Obsessed once again.
Unemployed, but on a Pollyanna note: I'm working through my Bucket Booklist.
Must share excerpt from current read. A little bit of background: the main character has stopped by the home of an acquaintance because the girl has gone missing. She has rung the bell, but no one has answered...

"... I descended the porch steps, preparing to leave. A big white bird waddled up the flagstone path to meet me. Too fat for a swan, too white for a turkey, it was, I deduced, a goose.

'Hello, Goose,' I said, walking toward it.

The goose took exception to this, flapped its wings violently, and honked. I backed up. This was a mistake. The goose lunged at me, enraged, honking and hissing. I turned to get out of its way and stumbled over a rosebush, and the goose was on me, pecking my calf through my painter's pants. This hurt a lot more than one would think. I became a little enraged myself, and more than a little scared, and tried to kick the bird. As I was wearing Keds, the damage would've been minimal, but in any case, I missed. The goose came at me again. I swung at it with my backpack, missed again, and with my right hand slapped at it, connecting slightly. Then I turned and ran.

The goose, affronted by the slap, intensified its demented honking and came after me. We ran around to the back of the house, and I spotted the garage. It was a six-car garage, with five cars in residence. I jumped into the back of a pickup truck, a Toyota Tundra, and ducked.

I've been in some undignified situations in my life, but hiding from poultry was a low watermark. It worked, though. The goose gave a few more honks, but they lacked conviction. It must have seen me jump into the truck, but either geese have short memories or it felt I'd conceded the fight, because it waddled off toward the house. I know this because I peeked."

Is that not funny? I love it! Goose is later pate.
Listening to Austenland by Shannon Hale on my iPod. Tried to explain to Prince Charming, for the second time, why the Mr. Darcy character is so wonderful. Especially when we, at the beginning, believe he is such a bastard. We watched Pride and Prejudice at one of my wedding showers. It is funny, but my cousin's wife didn't get the Mr. Darcy appeal either. That is, until he shows his first smile. Then Bam! she was hooked too. Prince Charming refuses to watch the movie. He doesn't get it. Must be a female thing.
Had lunch with some friends a few weeks ago. My fortune cookie was insightful: "A SHORT STRANGER WILL SOON ENTER YOUR LIFE". A short stranger? A short stranger? Since when are fortunes that specific? I'm pretty short myself, so it must be a child or a midget or something. Stranger danger.

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