Friday, December 17, 2010

Where's The Fire?

Late last night we remembered that the firefighters would be coming around to check the sprinklers in the condo. They would begin at 7:00 am and on our floor. This translates to a stranger stepping into every room and even opening closet doors. My bedroom is not orderly enough, in my opinion, for my mother to enter let alone some stranger - though Prince Charming seems to forget that occasionally. So, anyway, we’re up at 7:00 this morning waiting for this to happen, when the fire alarm goes off. They warned us that it would be happening throughout the day, but we were surprised that it was the first thing they did. We figured it was used as a wake up call for everyone instead of having to pound on doors. Because the alarm is loud of course. Loud like a fire truck is actually in your front room. Loud like you fear your ears will begin to bleed. Well, they came, they saw, they left, and I went back to bed. The alarm went off again several more times. Funny thing is, snuggled under my duvet, I was still able to fall back asleep. That probably isn't such a good thing should an actual alarm sound…

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