Saturday, January 23, 2010

I didn't know this, but...

I didn't know this, but Prince Charming gets sidetracked by bling. Though, not in the same way I do... picture Doug from UP... squirrel.
We were at Mike's Custom Jewelry, where my wedding ring was purchased, because I LOST A DIAMOND. I often wondered, while looking at my fantastic ring, if I would really notice if a stone went missing. Oh yeah, I noticed. It was like a huge gaping hole that I couldn't take my eyes off of. Even though Prince Charming was home sick that day, I called him and told him to call Mike's immediately. Here's the thing. They were wonderful. Took my ring, replaced the diamond, and cleaned it. No questions. No hassle. My ring is perfection once again, and oh so sparkly... bling!
While waiting I discovered several other items that I would like to own. Several. Pointed each one out to my loving husband. When the guy brought my ring out to me, Prince Charming asked about some of the rings. Uh, men's rings. He would like a right-hand ring some time down the road. Yeah, wouldn't we all. On another note:
Had a wonderful thing happen today. Prince Charming was playing his computer game when I went in to remind him we need to go to Mike's. The conversation that took place... well, for those of you that know him, this was a breakthrough.
Me: So, you wanna take me to lunch and then go to Mike's?
PC: I need to take a shower and there is an instance (making this up, don't know what the event is really called) starting in six minutes.
Me: So, you are going to shower within six minutes and then want to play the game before we go?
PC: I can shower within six minutes. (Totally missing the point.)
Me: But you want to play this other game before we go? How long will it take?
PC: 20-25 minutes, maybe 30. Is that okay?
Me: Really? You are asking me if its okay?
PC: Yeah.
Me: Really?
PC: Well, would you be mad?
Me: (beginning to tear up) Do you know what I'm asking you? Did you really just ask me if it is okay? Because, you know, you've never done that before.
PC: (regret clouding his face) Um...
Me: Honey don't ruin this for me. It really means a lot that you asked me. Of course you can play before we go.
PC: Thanks. (pause) Are you crying?


  1. Look at that! You are changing him right before all our very own eyes! Kudos to YOU! That's awesome the jewler took care of your ring, and funny he likes rings for him. I'm amazed he asked you about the game. Very funny!

  2. Haha, you are so funny! Love you girl! And yes, it's called an instance, you were right. That is progress! ;) Check out my blog