Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Excuse me. I Do Have An Excuse.

It is official. I have been reprimanded. It has been greater than a month since I've blogged. A dear friend informed me that I highly recommended my blog to her and then have ceased to post. Apparently I'm at the bottom of her blog list. I shutter at the thought. (Love you Sam)
Mind you, I don't really have an excuse. I've discovered who some of my readers are and it makes it harder to write. Writers block...? Stage shy...? I don't know. My own fault of course. I love to tell people I have a blog... I love to hear that they think I'm funny, or clever, or great, or anything as long as it is good. Narcissistic much?
Right. On to an actual post; however, it is not necessarily one full of wit: Prince Charming lost his job. Sucks. He is not good at looking for a new one either. Really sucks actually. Raise your hand if you have to hold your husbands hand and walk him through something. No, seriously, I'd like to know if this is the norm. He doesn't know what he wants to do, which I totally understand, but that doesn't help much.
We are going to be fine though. Positive attitude and all. We have made some changes in what we do/spend, which I think is wise regardless of his working status. I think he is most sad at having to cut out going to the movies and purchasing DVDs. He really misses that (as if he has been unemployed for ages - which he hasn't). We have to pick and choose which new releases we will see and then have to work out if we are going to go to a matinee or wait until it is in the dollar theater or at Redbox. 3D movies are totally nixed, even the early show is pricey. Sigh... I really wanted to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D.
What is worse than my Prince Charming losing his quest? His horse really REALLY needs to be put to pasture. He mentioned that his car was smoking a little and smelled like something was burning. He drove me to pick up my car yesterday... smoking a little??? His car is doing more than that! It is a holy crap, are you sure we are not going to blow up, chain smoker. It died twice when he was trying to leave. He assured me that once he is on the freeway its fine, no smoke. Uh, hello? That is because you're driving fast. If he gets, no wait... WHEN he gets a new job, he won't even have reliable transportation. No question, he absolutely needs a new car. Anyone know of an inexpensive, good car for sale, please let me know.
On a side note. Just to add salt to the wound. My brother is being deployed to Iraq. I support him and have great gratitude to those who fight for freedom, but I really don't want my brother to go. Selfish? Yes. Do I care? No.


  1. I love you too girl! Thanks for posting, you brighten my day!!!

  2. Instead of holding their hand, you gently give them idea's that actually sound like they had the idea least that's what I've heard. I'll tell ya one thing that won't work-only because I did/do this- Nag. I'm sorry, but it just makes the marriage a little harder. You don't need that. Have faith, I promise something will come about. I know it wil.
    So, how have you guys been? we haven't seen you, wait, I haven't seen you guys since the princes in laws slept over (I think.) I hope you are at least all doing well health wise. If we happen into some kind of good deal on a car, we'll let you know. Love you two! The one and only sister of prince charming.