Monday, August 30, 2010

Husbands, If Nothing Else, Are... Wait, What's the Word I'm Looking For?

Husbands are difficult to buy for.
Or is that just me?
Prince Charming has a birthday soon. A week away. Six days to be exact. No, only five because I'm not shopping for his gift on Sunday. I also don't want to be wrapping it all nice and pretty... er, handsome just to have it opened ten minutes later. I hate that. So, do I have a gift? No. Do I have any idea what to get him? No. Am I worried? No... okay, yes.
Last year, my family and I gave him an iPod. Four months later, for Christmas, he gave me an iPod. My iPod will tune the radio. His won't. He was SO ticked about that. Today I ask him what he'd like for his birthday. Which I swore to myself I wouldn't do, because he always says things that I'm not going to get him and then he's disappointed when he doesn't get them. Makes me feel bad though I'm still not going to get them so why should I put him and myself through that crap? Don't ask. But I did. Can you guess what he says? Oh yeah, he tells me he wants an iPod that will tune the radio. Which I tell him straight up he isn't getting - maybe that solves the guilt thing I mentioned before, but still leaves me with no idea for a gift.
I know that I should be adult and responsible and get him something that he needs, like pants or underwear or church-going clothes. Yet I don't want to. I want to get him something he never knew he wanted, but when he sees it, he can't imagine not having wanted it before! Yes, I am actually embarking on my own trip to insanity. I hear it is a one-way ticket.

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